A decision to modify one’s facial appearance should not be taken lightly. It is normal for a patient to want to have a visual feel for what the final results might look like before committing to the procedure.

Dr. Sean Delaney at Huntington ENT offers Crisalix 3D computer morphing to demonstrate potential aesthetic changes for the face and neck. A 3-dimensional model of the patient is generated from photographs uploaded by you from the comfort of your home or with photographs taken in the office. This 3D model of the face can then be morphed to simulate potential changes seen with surgery.

This is a helpful tool to can be a useful tool for patient education to understand the realistic changes that surgery can achieve. Using this visual aid, the prospective patient and Dr. Delaney can better understand patient preferences and surgical nuances through an interactive process.

Click here to create your own 3D model and sign up for a consultation.


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