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Common conditions treated include sinus disease, nasal congestion and obstruction, ear pain, hearing loss, nose bleeds, tonsillitis, hoarseness, dizziness, salivary gland disease, voice disorders, thyroid disorders, sleep apnea, ear infections, and head and neck tumors, both benign and cancerous. We also offer convenient on-site Diagnostic Audiology.

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We Are Committed to Providing Our Patients with Premier Ear, Nose, & Throat Care

Dr Steve has been taking care of our family for the past 10 years – everything from ear infections (too many to count) to throat problems. Not only is he a true pro but his warmth and genuine care set him apart. You will not feel rushed, but you you will feel like like you’re with a doc who really knows his stuff and is treating you like family. Don’t know how you could find a better all-around ENT!Bill B. – Pasadena, CA

Dr. Battaglia iis a wonderful doctor, surgeon, and human being! I can’t thank him enough for straightening my deviated septum and removing the engorged parts of my inferior turbinates. I can now breathe again and my sleep apnea has been much reduced. I chose Dr. Battaglia after consulting several other doctors. I definitely made the right choice and would recommend him with the highest of praise.Karen H. – Pasadena, CA

Dr. Steven Battaglia has been my ENT for many years. Dr. Battaglia is a very kind man. He has seen my wife and both my grown sons for various issues and he is always pleasant and professional. He knows his stuff. It is really hard to work full time as a doctor and also to run the medical practice as an owner, but I think Dr. Battaglia is doing a great job.Bryan J. – Pasadena, CA

I just got my septorhinoplasty surgery with him and he is just outstanding. I had a severe case of a deviated septum and had trouble breathing, just after two weeks not only he made my nose look better but also I can breathe normally. Plus the post-op follow-ups are great too. I personally would highly recommend him.Sahil S. – Pasadena, CA

Excellent surgeon and caring physician-G in Pasadena

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